Motorola's new Razr is the first foldable smartphone worth getting excited about

The Razr is back. 
Fifteen years after launching the iconic flip phone, Motorola is showing off its highly anticipated reboot: a $1499 smartphone with a flexible display that folds up when you're not using it.
I got an early look at the new Razr at a press event in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and I can safely say that it looks like it was worth the wait. 
Motorola's new Razr isn't the first smartphone with a foldable, flexible display, but it's the first such phone I've actually been really excited about — and not just because it stays true to its flip-phone roots. 
Razr, rebooted
The most striking thing about the Razr is how much it looks like the original. While other foldable phones use dual-screen displays that are awkwardly wide, the new Razr preserves the original clamshell design of its namesake.  Read more... More about Tech , Smartphones , Motorola , Razr , and Tech

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