Oh happy day, Lizzo channels 'Sister Act 2' performing at MTV Awards

Oh happy day, indeed.
Singer and rapper Lizzo channelled the classic '90s Whoopi Goldberg sequel, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit , for her performance of "Juice" at the 2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards on Monday.
To begin with, Lizzo took the stage in the same kind of choir robes as Lauryn Hill's character, Rita Watson, during the film's final performance of "The Hymn of Joy" at the All-State Choir Championship.
She then included an iconic offstage moment straight from the film. "Your teacher says take off your robes," a stage manager tells the students waiting in the wings in the movie, as did one to Lizzo's backup singers at the MTV Awards. Then, it was time to party, with dance moves and scales straight out of the film. Read more... More about Mtv , Nostalgia , 90s , Lizzo , and Entertainment

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