The Jonas Brothers doc 'Chasing Happiness' made me a fan

I was once proud and am now ashamed to admit that I never used to care about the Jonas Brothers.  
I was a teen during their early-2000s rise to fame, the ideal demographic targeted by their wholesome pop personas, but like the JoBros themselves would later, I was trying to distance myself from such clean-cut content. As someone who now actively advocates everyone's right to unironic enthusiasm for whatever the fuck they want (catch me counting down the days to the new Harry and the Potters album ), I'm sorry to say that I scorned the Jonas Brothers and their fans. They were too popular, too obvious as objects of admiration, and as someone who wasn't particularly in tune with the music scene anyway, I could easily sit out the Jonas storm without engaging. Read more... More about Entertainment , Music , Amazon Prime Video , The Jonas Brothers , and Chasing Happiness

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