'Rick and Morty' Season 4 cements the show's biggest, Rick-est power shift

For a while, Rick and Morty seemed like the kind of show that was almost too enamored of its horrible protagonist. Rick's narcissistic assholery was the show's calling card, and the idea of a self-destructive genius whose ultimate assessment of the universe is that nothing matters and everything sucks propelled him to destroy everyone who even attempted to get close to him.
As the show progressed over three seasons, however, the show's view of Rick's nihilistic genius dimmed in favor of recognizing the toxic brokenness his character exudes. Instead of equating cosmic genius with the realization that nothing matters, its plot and characters curved towards a different idea: that people have the agency to choose what matters, even if life is ultimately meaningless.  Read more... More about Rick And Morty , Entertainment , and Movies Tv Shows

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