If you live in the northern U.S., you could see a radiant celestial treat Saturday night

Some of us Earthlings may see dancing, green lights in the sky on Saturday night.
The sun blasted out a flare of energized particles into space on March 20, and the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Space Prediction Center forecasts that a strip of the northern U.S. may experience a visible effect of this event: an aurora, or eerie dancing greenish light, created when the sun's particles interact with Earth's atmosphere.
Such an atmospheric event is stoked by a disturbance called a geomagnetic storm, where energized solar particles propel changes in Earth's magnetosphere — a sprawling zone of space around Earth where the planet's magnetic field changes and evolves in reaction to the sun.  Read more... More about Space , Science , Aurora , Noaa , and Northern Lights

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