Ivanka Trump knows nothing about how greenhouse gases work

In a tweet about greenhouse gases , Ivanka Trump has redefined ignorance.
On Tuesday, the president's daughter, an official adviser to the president, tweeted about a huge drop in U.S. greenhouse gas emissions (9.2 percent) this year. She tagged the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the tweet, apparently proud of the Trump administration for reigning over a notable fall in heat-trapping carbon emissions . 
What the tweet fails to explicate, and perhaps Ivanka Trump fails to comprehend, is that carbon emissions fell significantly in 2020 because of the largely uncontrolled COVID-19 disease outbreak in the U.S., not bold actions by President Donald Trump's administration to radically curb carbon emissions. (In laughable contrast, this administration selected a dubious climate adviser who believes the planet is in dire need of more CO2.)  Read more... More about Greenhouse Gases , Climate Change , Ivanka Trump , Science , and Climate Environment

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