AOC and Ilhan Omar's wholesome 'Among Us' stream did huge numbers on Twitch

Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar made their Twitch debuts today, enjoying a few rounds of Werewolf - like sleeper hit Among Us with several high profile streamers. AOC may be a highly intelligent, engaged politician, but it turns out she is an absolutely terrible space murderer.
The two Among Us newbies were joined by a constellation of Twitch stars, including Pokimane , Hasanabi , Disguised Toast , Dr Lupo , Myth , mxmtoon , Jacksepticeye , Cr1TiKaL , and Corpse Husband . Omar's teenage daughter Isra Hirsi also jumped in for some mother-daughter bonding time.
However, it was AOC 's stream that received the most attention. Twitch confirmed to Mashable that her channel reached a peak of over 435,000 concurrent viewers during the three-and-a-half hour broadcast. This is an incredibly impressive figure for a new streamer — especially considering the number one record is 667,000, currently held by hugely popular Fortnite streamer Ninja. Read more... More about Twitch , Ilhan Omar , Aoc , Alexandria Ocasio Cortez , and Entertainment

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