The Apple Event, brought to you from a better world than this one

The Air Quality Index around Apple HQ in Cupertino, California was in the 120 range Tuesday morning — merely "unhealthy," according to my Apple Watch. This seemed a literal breath of fresh air after more than a week of steadily worsening breathability from wildfire smoke across the Bay Area that often climbed into the 300 and 400 range. 
The Apple Gods bestowed the gift of good timing on their disciple, CEO Tim Cook. Had his event been held six days earlier, the skies above Cupertino would have glowed a Blade Runner orange . 
But would that have mattered? In the world of the 2020 Apple Event, filmed at some indeterminate point in the utopian past, all was blue skies instead of white smog All is well, the soothing voices of the hour-long product update said, in short We are on the path to carbon neutrality We are helping to alleviate the pandemic. Any discomfort you may be experiencing is not our fault! Read more... More about Apple Watch , Apple Event , Tech , and Big Tech Companies

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