Hilarious video shows reporter getting surprised by a sprinkler

Sometimes you just need to sit back, relax, and watch a hilarious news blooper.
If you're searching for the perfect clip to laugh at on a loop, we've got you covered. This 11-second video of Global News New Brunswick's Shelley Steeves reporting on crops thriving in fields with proper irrigation is just what you need.
The clip shows Steeves reporting from a field, blissfully unaware that the sprinkler system behind her oscillates. It wasn't long before she realized, though, because she was quickly treated to an unexpected shower.
Global News shared a video of the hilarious moment on Facebook alongside the caption, "A reminder from Global News New Brunswick's Shelley Steeves that reporters should always be aware of their surroundings." Read more... More about Viral Video , News Bloopers , Culture , Web Culture , and Media Industry

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