Prime Day solves a problem of Amazon's own making

Prime Day kicks off on Monday, and that means it's time to SHOP SHOP SHOP .
For those desperately in need of, say, an Echo Look , this is a once-in-a-year opportunity to put a camera in your bedroom at a discounted price. But Prime Day is more than that. So much more. Indeed, the holiday finally (if only temporarily) addresses a problem of Amazon's own making: That seemingly more and more goods on the retail site are overpriced knockoff pieces of trash.
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The good folks at Reply All summed this phenomenon up in a July 11 episode entitled " The Magic Store ." Essentially, their argument goes, in an effort to truly become the so-called everything store and compete with the likes of Alibaba , Amazon permitted a host of foreign third-party sellers to list directly on its site. This, we are told, led to a flooding of the retailer with inferior products and a downgrading of the Amazon shopping experience in general.  Read more... More about Amazon , Jeff Bezos , Prime Day , Prime Day 2018 , and Tech

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