In unhinged Twitter rant, Elon Musk says he's creating a site for rating 'truth'

Rockets, cars, tunnels, brain-linking computers, candy , and... the definitive arbiter of truth? 
In an unhinged Twitter rant Wednesday afternoon, Grimes’s boyfriend Elon Musk proudly announced to his fanboys the world that he intends to create a website dedicated to rating individual journalists and news organization based on their supposed truthfulness. 
And here’s the thing: We think he’s serious. 
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“Going to create a site where the public can rate the core truth of any article & track the credibility score over time of each journalist, editor & publication,” tweeted Musk . “Thinking of calling it Pravda ...” Read more... More about Twitter , Tesla , Grimes , Boring Company , and Grimes Boyfriend

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